Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Miss Raspberry Sorbet

I'd been deliberating for a month over whether I should get a Blythe doll, and which one to get. Pink hair, peppermint, mango, blue, ginger, blonde, brunette, punk, emo, retro...the choices are endless. I was going to ask my boyfriend for it for my 30th birthday ( "getting a doll at 30?" I hear them say) but then something unexplained happened and all of a sudden I decided which one I wanted and I knew then that I couldn't wait till August for my birthday and that I must have her NOW!

So last night I made the purchase with money I had carefully put aside from my last birthday (thanks Dad!) and now hopefully my girl is on her way to me from Japan, and I am VERY excited to meet her. I chose Raspberry Sorbet in the Neo Blythe range. She has long brown hair with a thick fringe and has the cutest pink jacket in the world.

I am so excited to get her I have already made clothes for her! She has a skirt, an A-line dress and a t shirt (which turned out a little wonky). I made them from patterns from puchi collective.  This morning as I reluctantly stepped out the front door for work, I longingly looked at my bed and the sleepy cats thinking how nice it would be to throw open the curtains and lie in the morning sun in bed with the cats while stitching clothes for my girl. My work day was so long because all I wanted to do was rush home and get on the sewing machine! Lucky I prepared tonight's dinner last night ^_^

I CAN'T WAIT till she arrives! And if we get along, maybe I'll get my second one for my 30th


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