Thursday, February 24, 2011

The tea cosy challenge

My friend Danni asked me to crochet her a tea cosy, and I happily agreed on the spot. I asked her for a little more information about what she would like, but she told me to go for it and do whatever I wanted.

I wasn't sure if I should go really daggy (toilet roll doll style - which I HAVE done), or do an owl. I have seen some fabulous owl tea cosy patterns out there. Or should I knit a swear word into it (the felted Fuck You tea cosy I did for another friend went down a treat).

I found this really cute tea cosy pattern by Loani Prior on Ravelry and wasn't freaked out at the thought of knitting after such a long time, so I gave it a crack:

(© Loani Prior)

I loved the rib stitch but wanted to crochet my own flowers and add some leaves.

So here is my interpretation:

And now Danni has something to keep her tea warm with!

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  1. whoop! i much prefer your interpretation - its seriously amazing. i wish i wish i wish i could crochet.